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INNOVA Coffee Talks

Did you know that INNOVA offers a virtual space where any person can join? The reason behind these efforts is to generate interactions between The INNOVA Learning Community and any…

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Alliances#1 : Metaverse University 

Did you know that we are allies with one of the most ambitious projects in the field of  pedagogy and technologies, the first university or pedagogic institute totally built into…

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What about you?

Tell us about your own learning experience Hi! Tell us about your experience learning English at INNOVA Learning Hub.  What can you tell us about going through the certification test? 

Tech & Language Learning

Do you know what the new path to learning English is? Follow the link and read the interview with Carolina Prestinary, EDUGO co-founder, in Alas Magazine.  Tell us about your…

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¡Nuevos lanzamientos!

Diciembre 2021 ¡Nuevos lanzamientos! Hola a todos, mi nombre es Carolina Prestinary y soy la directora general de INNOVA. Queremos hacer la apertura de este blog con la historia de…

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