Alliances#1 : Metaverse University 

Did you know that we are allies with one of the most ambitious projects in the field of  pedagogy and technologies, the first university or pedagogic institute totally built into the realm of the internet, the Metaverse University.

The main objective of the project, according to the founder Alex Moga Vidal, is to deliver a fully immersive campus where people can get high level education from any place in the world.  But, what’s an immersive experience? It’s an experience you can get through the technologies that are now available and affordable. 


Nowadays the most common technologies are the reality glasses but it’s such a new field of technologies that every month there are new devices or platforms capable of taking the immersive matrix one step further every time. In our case we are talking about immersive classrooms, campus, classmates, teachers, homeworks, and every little thing about education condensed into a metaverse. 


The main concern for the Metaverse University staff is to appropriately read the user experience and their interaction with the interface so no one is left out because of a technological barrier. This is specially important due to the fact that immersive technologies seem to frighten some generations that shouldn’t be ignored by the educational institutions. Everyone needs to keep on learning and to catch up with the current technologies. Hand by hand with this point the Metaverse University is totally committed on how to improve the user experience and how he or she navigates the platform and the interface. 


The commercial offer is supposed to be released in October of this year and it’s now backed up by strong investors interested in revolutionizing the education systems all around the world. We are pretty much excited for being part of this project and taking action into one of the ground breaking changes of this era. If you guys are interested in how INNOVA will participate or how it’s going to affect our teaching experience let us know in the comments and we can write about this topic a little more. Don’t forget to follow us and the Metaverse University on our social networks and see you next time. 

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